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How to play roulette online

You want to play roulette online ? – Here is how you play this casino classic.

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The basic principle of the game is for players to bet on certain numbers or groups of numbers being chosen by the ball in the wheel. Players can also choose to bet on the colours red or black and whether the number might be odd or even.

In a casino setting the ball is placed into the roulette wheel by the croupier.
The ball is always tossed into the opposite direction of the spinning wheel and eventually lands in one of the pockets of the wheel to indicate the number and its associated colour. Payouts for different bets are based on the probability of certain outcomes. Every table has a set minimum and maximum bet. Bets are placed by putting chips onto the betting area, which is called tableau or layout.

There are two different main varieties of playing the game:
French- and American roulette. The American game tends to be played at a slightly faster pace, with smaller tables enabling players to place their bets themselves instead of announcing the bet to the croupier like in the French version of the game. American wheels also have 38 instead of 37 pockets, with the 38th pocket being a double-zero to further increase betting options and intensify the game. The layout of numbers inside the wheel is different between the French and American version of the game.

There are two different types of bets.
Inside bets and Outside bets, both corresponding to varying fields on the betting area.
Outside bets do have smaller payouts, but also have better odds at winning the bet, while Inside bets directly bet on certain numbers or groups of numbers.

Bets may be placed after the croupier starts requesting „Faites vos jeux!“ or „Make your bets!“ to begin the game. Players may continue to place bets while the wheel is spinning until the croupier declares „rien ne va plus“ or „No more bets!“ to indicate that no further bets are allowed. As soon as the ball falls inside a pocket of the wheel, the croupier will announce the winning number and additional winning chances. Lost bets are collected and winning bets are then paid out.

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